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Conversions powered by People.

Our team has previously developed two of the world’s most successful booking engines now used by two of the largest hospitality technology company’s globally. So with over fifty years of combined hotel operation experience, we said how can we do it different. We asked ourselves what are the fundamental things missing in the market that every hotelier would need? After speaking with thousands of hotels over fifteen years, it came down to one basic premise. There is a fundamental lack of engagement with people. Travel is an experiential product, yes it requires technology in this day and age, but why are we trying to automate the process by which the customer journeys. This is BookingForce and we are about to bring you a difference, we become an extension of your back office team with all the benefits of technology at your fingertips. Request A Demo For Further Details!

Hassle free Availability Rates and Inventory

The control panel has been rethought. In today’s world you are on the move from your desktop, to tablet or mobile, you have very little time but you want to get a lot done. Introducing the ‘Calendar’ a soft to the touch, easy to view, low maintenance way to manage your website results. In some cases training may not even be required. Why? Because we actually make the updates for you. Request A Demo For Further Details!

Simplicity Is Key

We have kept the booking funnel very easy to use. 3-4 easy steps from research to results to confirmation. Most online consumers are interested in rapid review of rates and content and have very little time for a lot of information. More importantly they need to connect to your hotel on any device and on any browser. We got you covered! Request A Demo For Further Details!

Extension of your Team

So like all good things, we needed to start somewhere. Communication. We believe by first engaging the hotelier on their support needs, we can build the foundation to real time engagements in the booking funnel with online consumers in a way never thought possible. Introducing ‘Slack’ integration. You have free support and you will make new friends at your fingertips. Request A Demo For Further Details!


Seamlessly Integrated into BookingForce Resynct is the worlds first loyalty program that is simple for Guests and easier on Hotels. Its fully integrated into BookingForce and automatically comes with a free 90 day trial.

Guest Relations are Getting Better Own the entire guest experience, from booking to check out. With real time data and analytics, you can better understand your guests and create a highly competitive offering.

Higher Booking Conversions for Less Participating in ReSynct offers the ability to increase revenue and enjoy higher repeat conversions. Compete for Guests without the big budgets, lower your cost on customer acquisition.


Connectivity & Rate Comparison you can put on AutoPilot.

Channel Management, 2 way Connectivity and Rate Shopping are already household words. Most if not all hotels, apartments and chains that are reliant on OTAs are familiar with the need to have a central control panel to manage rates and availability and in many cases deliver the reservations to their Property Management System.  

Welcome to AutoPilot Interface (API), the technology with the matching support brought to you by the Force that takes all the heavy-lifting out of distribution and at a price you can afford.

Hundreds of Channels - One Way to Connect them All

Switching to AutoPilot has never been easier. A dedicated member of our support Force will handle your transition to API from start to finish. No need to be concerned that you are alone, one of our experienced professionals with your approval will even make the call on your behalf to your current provider and initiate the switch.

Lower the Cost of Customer Acquisition - Get the ‘BillBoard Effect’ now!

AutoPilot has relationships with dozens of new OTAs on the market. Extend your reach beyond the traditional channels and tap into new markets and segments. Get seen by more online travelers on mobile devices and take advantage of more visibility for your website without the high costs of customer acquisition.  

Flexible pricing so competitive we can’t even publish them.

Why are we able to out price all the big names in channel management and connectivity? Our infrastructure of course. We use Cloud distribution for processing and scaling. If you find a price published or provable, we promise we can beat it. Just try us, any price, any competitor, anywhere in the world. We are so sure of this, that if we can’t beat it, we will give it to you for free*

The Force is with You!.. Literally.

We’re here to provide tips, tricks, and helpful information when you need it most. And if you have a question, we’re here to help with that too. Don’t be shy, support is at our core.  


Guest experience without the hassle.

Websites are a major part of our lives. As hoteliers we are constantly thinking about how we stay ahead of the competition by innovating our content to convince potential guests to book direct. It’s a never ending challenge, with lack of resources, expertise and experience…Until now.

Introducing easy websites, tailor made to enhance the customer journey of your target audience.  

There’s more than meets the eye.

These amazing websites offer uncompromising performance and will attract guests. They are fast to load, get straight to the point and are packed with loads of juicy content.

Designed to match the personality and character of your hotel.

Your website will not only look great but have all the features you need. Our sites adhere to best practices enabling better conversion. When you work with our talented web experts, you can expect the best User experience.

Content has not been so easy to manage.

We use a simple to deploy and very popular content management system that anyone can use. Little to no training needed and available in multiple languages. Your website comes fully hosted, with all the tech support built right in.

Google Analytics let’s you do more than measure sales and conversion.

It also gives insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back. Our team of experts will help you understand how to use this information at its fullest.


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Yves Soyfer is an expert and experienced investment banker focused on LatAm and the Energy Sector. At Potentium Partners / Exotix Latin America, Yves has completed more than USD 5 billion in financings.